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The CITYPAK Project

The CITYPAK Project is a not-for-profit philanthropic organization that works to provide custom designed backpacks to homeless persons in need. Working with exclusive manufacturing partner High Sierra, The CITYPAK Project has distributed over 24,000 PAKs to homeless throughout the United States and Canada including Chicago, Illinois; New York, New York; San Francisco/Oakland/Berkley, California; Boston, Massachusetts; Detroit, Michigan, Los Angeles, California; St. Louis, Missouri; Austin, Texas; and many others. 2015 also marked The CITYPAK Project’s first international distribution in Toronto, Canada.

Founded by Chicago businessman and philanthropist Ron Kaplan in 2012, The CITYPAK Project provides a safe, convenient and versatile backpack uniquely designed to meet the constantly changing needs of the homeless. Inspired by the simple desire to create something that would make life on the streets of Chicago a little easier, Kaplan shared his idea with the design team at the international adventure travel gear manufacturer High Sierra. Today, with the help of High Sierra and a growing list of corporate and individual donors and a variety of local and regional non-profit partners, The CITYPAK Project distributes CITYPAKs in growing list of cities across the U.S. The ongoing goal: to design and provide a useful, high quality backpack for the homeless.

 Watch a video about The CITYPAK Project HERE.