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Colorado-based Skydyed captivates audiences with their progressive blend of live electronic rock. Since their debut in 2014, the electrifying trio has made big waves in the Colorado music scene. The band was honored in 2015 by The Untz.com and featured on their list of the hottest, up and coming, live-electronic bands. With roots in rock, funk, and jazz, Andrew Slattery (bass), Max Doucette (guitar and synth), and Shane Eagen (drums) create a dynamic musical journey that mesmerizes audiences with every performance. Intertwining organic live instrumentation with electronic production, soulful jams and profound break-beats, the band strives to spread positive vibrations through music.

Skydyed’s first full-length album, A Quantum Dream, captures the band’s constant pursuit of cutting edge production blended with live, organic chemistry that can only be achieved through countless hours of performing together. Every Skydyed song comes into fruition differently than the last. Some songs begin as ideas that come up in the middle of improvised jams, while others begin in the studio as electronic compositions.

During the summer of 2015, the band focused their efforts on completing a full-length album of ten songs, which is their biggest studio undertaking to this day. In September 2015, with the tracks finally ready for Shane’s percussion, the band travelled across the country to the musically rich city of Nashville, TN to track drums for the record at Belmont, University. The recording process took only two days, and with a newfound energy that only Nashville could inspire, the band returned to Colorado with all the pieces of the puzzle ready to assemble.

Coming from diverse musical backgrounds, the band has developed a deep appreciation for music’s power to transcend language and move people in mysterious ways, which is precisely what the band accomplishes on A Quantum Dream. Featuring high-energy, head banging tracks such as “Grow” and “Mind’s Eye,” as well as softer, mellow songs like “Endless Space” and “Mushroom,” A Quantum Dream truly takes the listener on a melodic journey through a multitude of emotions and sonic landscapes. With jams perfect for relaxation, partying, and everything else in between, A Quantum Dream is a truly imaginative creation that fulfills Skydyed’s artistic vision and redefines the boundaries of Live-Electronica.

Growing up in central Massachusetts, Andrew Slattery and Max Doucette bonded over their love for music throughout high school. Although both developed a deep passion for creating music, neither of them considered pursuing music as a professional career. The two moved to Colorado to attend Colorado State University. After a year in Fort Collins, Andrew and Max discovered a newfound inspiration: the contagious energy of the thriving Colorado music community.

The childhood friends began working on a new music project. As they refined their sound and performed a few small shows, they realized that to achieve the exhilarating sound they wanted to provide fans they needed to find the right drummer. Shane met Andrew and Max through mutual friends and musicians in the Fort Collins music scene and the three clicked instantly. They debuted their new sound as a threesome in April of 2014, headlining a sold-out show at Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins. Their early momentum continued from 2014 into 2015-sharing the stage with RJD2, Nas, Flying Lotus, Infected Mushroom, TAUK, Zoogma, Papadosio, and more. In their first two years as a band, Skydyed performed at some of Colorado’s most heralded venues including Red Rocks Amphitheater, The Boulder Theatre, and a sold out headlining show at Denver’s Bluebird Theatre.

Excited as they were with the new sounds they were laying down, the band is amazed by the vast enthusiasm shared among critics and fans alike for their music. Shortly after the release of their latest EP ‘Peace by Piece,’ The Untz proclaimed, “There aren’t many electronica influenced bands out right now that have quite the sharp, organic sound Max Doucette, Shane Eagen, and Andrew Slattery seem to pull off effortlessly.”